1. JMG Translation reserves the right to sub-contract all or part of the work to a contractor of its choice.

2. JMG Translation does not operate a placement service. Client agrees not to hire or to contract separately with current or former employees or contractors of JMG Translation.

3. JMG Translation reserves the right to delay commencing a translation assignment until it has received written authorization from a client for an invoice to be issued without the client's signature. The period available for a translation only commences upon receipt of this declaration.

4. The client warrants to JMG Translation that he/she has the full right, power and authority to have the text translated and that the translation thereof by the translator will not result in the infringement of any existing copyright. The client agrees to indemnify and save JMG Translation harmless against any claim, action, loss or damage incurred by the translator as a result of any breach of this warranty.

5. JMG Translation reserves the right to consult the client for any explanations, clarifications, interpretations, information etc. concerning the text that is to be translated.

6. The basic written translation service does not include the preparation of translations for publication or use by a client for any purposes other than as a working translation. We are not liable for any translations used for purposes other than as a working translation that have not been proofread or edited by our company for this specific purpose.

7. JMG Translation undertakes to translate to a reasonable professional standard. It is accepted that the translation of any given assignment may be expressed in more than one way, each of which are equally correct. JMG Translation will provide a clear and accurate translation, but cannot undertake to comply with the subjective preference of the client.

8. Any delivery date or dates agreed upon between JMG Translation and the client shall be binding only after JMG Translation has reviewed the full text to be translated, and may be subject to amendment in the light of any changes in the requirement made subsequently by the client.

9. Copyright to a translation passes to the client upon prompt payment of the full amount indicated in the invoice. Any use of a translation before full payment is made will be considered as full acceptance of the translation without any reservations.

10. Delivery is deemed to have taken place on posting or delivery to a carrier, or transmission by fax, modem or Internet, as the case may be, and the risk passes to the client. However, JMG Translation will retain a copy of the translation and in the event of there being any loss or damage will forward a further copy free of charge.

11. Payment in full to JMG Translation shall be effected upon receipt of the invoice. For long assignments or text, JMG Translation may request periodic partial payments on terms to be agreed upon. Payment shall be made upon receipt of the invoice. Interest charges of 25% per annum shall be imposed on late payments.

12. If a request for translation is cancelled while the translation is being performed, JMG Translation shall be compensated in proportion to the work performed (according to the selected mode: either by word, by the hour or for a lump sum). The work completed shall be made available to the client.

13. JMG Translation shall at no time disclose to any third party, other than to translators contracted by JMG Translation, any information contained in the client's original documents or translations thereof, without the expressed authorization of the client.

14. JMG Translation is responsible for the safekeeping of the client's documents or translations thereof including copies, while these are in JMG Translation' keeping, and shall ensure their secure disposal. 15. Any complaint regarding the standard of the translation will only be considered within three days from the date of delivery of the translated text.

16. The liability of JMG Translation is limited to the total value of the contract. Furthermore, JMG Translation shall not be liable for alterations made to its work by other persons.

17. Any recasting of the text to be translated or any revision by the author once the assignment has been handed to JMG Translation shall be counted as additional text and invoiced at the same rate, as the first part of the text.

18. It is understood that translations are protected works under the Copyright Act and may not be reproduced or otherwise used in breach of JMG Translation's copyright. JMG Translation hereby assigns its copyright in the work contemplated herein to the client, but such assignment is conditional upon JMG Translation having received full payment for services rendered in accordance with these terms and conditions.

19. This agreement shall be governed, construed, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Quebec, Canada.